Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What makes this 8” x 10.5” direct mail publication different than much smaller envelope mailers?
Q2: Is the 40 page publication supported by a website?
Q3: How many total markets can I choose from?
Q4: Is there any limit to how much I can use
Q5: How does 100% Guaranteed Ad Rates Work?
Q6: Should I choose 100% Guaranteed Ad Rates or Pro Ad Rates?
Q7: Can every 100% Guaranteed Ad Rate I run in any publication come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee or is there a limit?
Q8: What are the difference from Introductory First Time Rates & Regular Low Rates?
Q9: Are there any discounts for advertising in multiple markets at the same time?
Q10: Is there ever a charge for professional graphic design for creating my ads even if I want multiple designs?
Q11: Do you offer inexpensive direct mail options if I want to do a solo direct mail to either zip codes and/or a mailing list?
Q12: Can I get a FREE ad for referring other businesses into any of the publications?
Q13: Do all ads quality for 100% Guaranteed Ad Rates?
Q14: How many views can I expect with an distribution with 50,000 homes of a 8” x 10.5” publication versus envelope mailers?